What Is Your Biggest Fear – Today?

As I wrote the other day, I’m in Alex Jeffrey’s coaching program and today we’re talking about and learning Bridge of Fearabout fear. Like the news, fear is what drives a market. Which means I have to look at my biggest fear – just for today. Although I have to say this this fear goes beyond today! My fear is based on my attempts to succeed in internet marketing over the past 10 or so years. Can you believe it’s been that long? I have a hard time comprehending it!

In any case, for today my fear is that no one will want what I am offering. Does that sound familiar? You have all these skills and talents but nobody wants them, or perhaps I should qualify that; no one wants to PAY for them!

You know that I offer Angel readings and Reiki healing sessions. Over the almost three years I produced and hosted Purpose Talk Radio, it became very clear that the highest audience rates occurred when I offered readings on the show. Suddenly the lines went crazy! But these same people never joined my page, never joined the Facebook group, and actually didn’t listen to the show UNLESS they could get a free reading. And often, the same people called in, time after time. In fact, it got to the point that Cindy, my facilitator, made note of several phone numbers because we recognized the name and number, and the person always, single time, asked the same question. And after the reading, whether I was doing it or my guest, these few people would say, “No. That’s not ….”  

My point is that sometimes it feels like people want what you have only if you are giving it away for free. And as I discovered from the radio show, even then that was questionable.

That brings me back to my fear for today as I am working with my coach on my ideas for products, or a product, especially for one that will make me happy to deal with every single day. What do I have to offer that people will want?

Fears Are The Stories We Tell OurselvesOne of the ideas I’m thinking about, because this is so personal to me, is helping people develop their intuition. It’s something I’ve done for myself and helped others quite often over the years. Can I teach it? Will someone buy it – or will they only take it if they can get it for free? IOW, do they want what I have to offer?

Here are three questions for you, and I would love your comments on this. (click on “leave comment” above)

1. What issues or problems have you had, or do you have, about developing your intuition? (this includes your “gut” intuition and/or psychic intuition

2. What do you want to learn about developing and using your intuition?

3. Would you prefer a downloadable (PDF, MP3, video) or an actual coaching relationship? Why?

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