The Cost of Your Financial Worries

Are you feeling anxious about job losses, housing prices, and global Money Worries photoeconomic meltdowns? Pressured by mortgage payments, gas prices and making payroll in your business? Nervous about financial requests from your clients, spouse, kids or vendors?

There are certainly circumstances that can seem to make an ordinarily cool and collected individual to freak out! Worrying about money is a common response to the ups and downs of financial facts, but feeling terrified about our money doesn’t serve us, grow our businesses or make us rich. It is possible to stay calm, handle changes in financial conditions, and grow prosperously.

Anxious people don’t make good money choices

People who are anxious, upset and distracted don't make the best financial decisions. In creating a  ministry dedicated to deepening spiritually and expanding financially, I studied the mindset and behaviors of what I call ‘conscious wealth builders.’ These individuals are both financially successful on the outside and connected to larger purpose and meaning on the inside in their lives. One thing these people know about is the idea of opportunity cost.

The financial term “opportunity cost” refers to the cost of passing up the next best choice when making a decision. To put it in monetary terms, for example, if you put $10,000 in a bond fund earning 7%, you have given up the opportunity to put $10,000 down on a piece of real estate. It’s a useful measure for evaluating the trade-offs in your financial investments.

Invest your attention wisely

In the realm of our spiritual, mental and emotional experience of our financial lives, the important currency that we invest is not money; it’s our time, energy and attention. How we “invest” ourselves in time, energy and attention is the creator of our perception, responses and meaning of life, money and ourselves.

There is an opportunity cost to investing yourself in worry, resentments and the frantic struggle to survive financially. When you’re anxious, you can’t feel any peace within yourself. When you’re resentful, you don’t feel free. When you are struggling, you’re out of the flow.

The rewards of moment-by-moment awareness of the present are rich. When you’re fully present, your creativity is fully available – you and your team can solve that technology problem quickly. Many people find that their cognition is more effective when they’re single focused – so you can evaluate that new investment idea with clarity. And when you’re available to the beloveds in your life – not distracted—well, you’ll be the best partner, friend and community member you can be.

Let’s do it-- shift worry into present moment grace

Just being aware of where you’re investing yourself is a powerful position. If you’re feeling anxious, you can use that emotion as a signal to cultivate the experience of peacefulness. Start with gratitude. Right now, take a deep breath, and look around your money life. Be grateful for the source behind the money that does flow to you. Allow this sensation of appreciation to fill your mentality, to help calm your breathing and to allow your body to relax.

From this relaxed state, choose to act, speak, invest, spend and generate revenue as a conscious, peaceful leader in your own business and life. Continue to develop your spiritual connection with consistent practices of gratitude as well as meditation, inspiration and visioning.

Now you’re investing in peace, creativity, awareness and vitality, you’ll be poised to lead your business and financial life from a powerful foundation.

By Karen Russo, Feminine Spiritual Trailblazers Book

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