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I have always been interested in things Spiritual. Even as a child, when I walked the fields in dreams with my deceased father, I knew the experiences were more than dreams. It didn't matter that others would tell me, "it's JUST a dream." I knew it was more than that.


Over the years, Spiritual matters drew me, and continue to intrigue me. I studied pscyhic development, learned tarot and created my own Tarot deck. It seemed I always wanted to know more, learn more, experience more. I studied dream analysis and learned how to interpret dreams, better for others than for myself!


As a massage therapist, I discovered that issues from past lives that were important in this lifetime often showed up in the body - generally in the back. I learned that certain aches and pains meant the client should be referred to a doctor, or to a psychologist. And through that, created a method of "reading the body" that gave the client a reading not just of their physical body, but also for their emotional and also their spiritual bodies.


Then in later years, I was inducted into Angel readings. Not from a class but from Angels themselves. Mistrusting the whole thing, I 'cut a deal' with the Angels - that I would offer a series of Angel readings for free to verify, for my own peace of mind, that the information I was given was 'real' and not just some spammy hokey stuff! haha! I really did give the Angels a hard time about doing this! Nevertheless, the response was unanimous that the information was real and that I should not stop doing readings. It took me several years before I could confidently offer readings without explaining the back story first! 🙂


Perhaps because of my varied background,  I was always intrigued to learn how other people, in particular other women discovered their paths in life. Of course, women who work in spiritual fields was the most interesting, and this led to the creation of this book of interviews; Feminine Spiritual Trailblazers; Contemporary Women Spiritual Leaders.


I hope you enjoy the book and look forward to hearing your comments, and perhaps ideas for other women to interview for a future version.