The Cost of Your Financial Worries

Are you feeling anxious about job losses, housing prices, and global Money Worries photoeconomic meltdowns? Pressured by mortgage payments, gas prices and making payroll in your business? Nervous about financial requests from your clients, spouse, kids or vendors?

There are certainly circumstances that can seem to make an ordinarily cool and collected individual to freak out! Worrying about money is a common response to the ups and downs of financial facts, but feeling terrified about our money doesn’t serve us, grow our businesses or make us rich. It is possible to stay calm, handle changes in financial conditions, and grow prosperously.

Anxious people don’t make good money choices

People who are anxious, upset and distracted don't make the best financial decisions. In creating a Continue reading

Sparkling Up Your To Do List

Impossibly long Hunt Down A Good Timelists of stuff I should do every day are bringing me down. It’s like resolutions that you’re all gung ho about, and then a few weeks or months in, you realize you failed, and then you feel worse than before you made the resolution. It gets to the point where you’re dreading your days, because you totally forgot the fun in your attempt to do better, be better, get better.

I have a new tactic this year, and it’s different than anything I’ve ever attempted. The first part is probably the most challenging for many people. It’s the decision that I’m already absolutely good, fine, right, and wonderful exactly as I am. There’s nothing to fix. The world won’t stop if shit doesn’t get done. The idea that some stuff can be delegated takes a while to land when you’re running so hard you don’t have time to stop and plan.

It’s times like these, when I accidentally slip into an old habit pattern, that I suddenly realize I have amazing tools at my disposal. After all, I teach other women how to hoist up their lace thongs and operate from another   Continue reading