Seasonal Rituals

Ritual is important to us as human beings. It ties us to our traditions and our histories. ~Miller Williams  Ristra Maker by Zulia Gotay de Anderson

Sitting around the fire, remembering all the traditions and rituals my abuelita taught me around this time of sacredness. Making homemade chocolatito and bunelos, inhaling the aromas of the red chile, posole and sweetness of the biscochitos. Feeling my abuelita near and deep in my heart as the traditions are being learned by the next generation in my grandson and grandbaby to soul is content.

Everything I learned was a ritual from picking herbs, to making cafecito. Ceremony was a way of life.  Till this day there is nothing I do that isn’t done in ceremony.  People that enter my home always mention “your home feels so sacred, your home reminds me of my grandma’s home etc” I smile for my home is ceremonial.  I take great care in placing incense, crystals, fresh flowers and always a lit candle on my altar.

Now a days we are always rushing, going from this to that and wondering why we are depleted or exhausted   Continue reading

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

New Year Blessings Today is the end of Christmas Day; a time when I like to review my many blessings, joys, sorrows and yes, the pains in the past year. Christmas brings with it all of those emotions, doesn't it, no matter who we are or what our life "appears" to be.

Although we are not allowed to go back and change the things that happened, no matter how ardently we might want to do that, our only real option is to go forward - into a New Year. That is one of the real reasons we celebrate this day - to rejoice in the love and wonder of the past year, to grieve for the sorrows of the year, and to prepare for the coming of a brand new year. A year that gives us the incredible opportunity to revise our present and create a year for plenty, of joy, of love, and of peace in our souls. Yes, there will be sorrows in this upcoming year. That, whether we like it or not, is a part of life. And always remember, we/you/I CHOSE to live this life! We did not come into this physical form as some sort of accident of birth. No! We CHOSE this physical body, as beautiful or flawed as it is. We CHOSE our family, as beautiful and/or as dysfunctional as they are. We CHOSE  our path, as rich or poor, as famous or simple, as bitter or happy. Don't ever forget this - you CHOSE your life! You CHOSE your path, and   Continue reading