Women have been Spiritual Leaders since the beginning of time. Way back then, in the beginning, men were more obvious, visible and possessive/protective about their work with Spirit. Despite that, Feminine Spiritual Trailblazers logo we know that women gathered for multiple reasons but often in their menstruation time, at the cycles of the moon, at childbirth, etc., mostly in secret - separated from the males of the tribe. 

Although men were aware of these secret feminine groups and "societies," as long as the women kept their work secret, except when it came to healing, they were tolerated.

In medieval times and in the times of witch burning, women who had any knowledge of healing were considered magical, and therefore, witches. It was men who vigorously  instigated, pursued and "punished" every woman who exhibited any healing ability (or even simply a woman who wouldn't take them into their bed at the time). We have, as a culture and society, come a long way from those times.

Today women over the world are recognized as healers and spiritual teachers and leaders. Today we have the Red Tent Societies, women shamans and priestesses, and essentially women in every field of Spiritual Work. 

This website is dedicated to those women.

Here you will find posts, photos, and articles by Feminine Spiritual Trailblazers, and now you can purchase Feminine Spiritual Trailblazers; Contemporary Women Spiritual Leaders. Click HERE for more about The Big Book.

I call it "The Big Book" because there are not just 24 stories of women; there are also 24 hour-long interviews as MP3 files that you can download along with the eBook. Yikes! That's 24 HOURS of interviews for you to listen to. Whether you start from the beginning and go to the end, or simply jump right to the interviews that speak to you, you will find an amazing amount of material in these stories and interviews. You may also find the perfect mentor who can help guide you along your own Spiritual Path. 

Although the book was originally designed for those who are on their path, the current Pathfinders, there is so much information here that no matter where you are along the way, I know you will find much value from these women.

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